Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Let's get affliliated

Foot Cure, brings competitive, high-quality foot and nail care products to the market. We are based in North Carolina

Join us today in our affiliate program and spread the love for science-backed beauty.

Who you are:

  • A content creator, business owner, formulator, blogger, and/or esthetician.
  • A lover of skin or haircare and a natural/clean ingredient deck.
  • Active on one or more social media platforms.
  • A person that engages authentically with their audience, promoting learning and positivity.

Manage all of your performance marketing
relationships with one platform.


Manage partnerships with publishers like networks. editorial and media sites. newsletters and blogs to reach big audiences and broaden coverage


Work with all types of influencers and professional creators to reach new audiences in your industry.


Reward friends. new and existing customers and fans for word-of-mouth brand marketing. !


Personal use discount

15% off code for personal use (must be logged in).

Customer & follower discounts

1 code for 10% off Products & 1 code for 5% off ingredients.

Opportunities to test brand new products

Be posted on @footcure Instagram and/or Facebook accounts with 20k followers combined.

Free product samples

For qualifying select partners.

Sign up

Read this page, click the sign-up button, and fill out the form!


Create content recommending our brand, a skincare product, ingredient, or something else.


Affiliates earn monthly commissions. 15% for products and 5% for ingredients!

Become Our Partner

Common Questions

How does the Foot Cure’s Program work?

You can share your favorite products, ingredients, or overall facts about footcure and get paid while doing it. We provide you with an affiliate link that you share, and how much you get paid depends on how many people click your link and purchase! For our affiliates, we are offering a commission of 15% on products and 5% on ingredients.

How do I earn in this program?

You earn from the traffic and revenue you generate to 15% commission on products and 5% commission on ingredients.

What happens if I don’t qualify?

Tag us on social media and we can put you in for a quick test-run. Just let us know that you are interested and have already filled out this sign-up form.

How do I sign-up to get free samples?

We’re giving out samples to our most consistent affiliates, so we’ll contact you if you qualify. But if you are interested, it doesn’t hurt to ask us directly!